Barnes and bloor symmetry thesis

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Making Sense of Science: Understanding the Social Study of Science

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Research Paper on Science and Technology

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Barnes & Bloor, ‘Relativism, Rationalism’ (), 23, formulate the core doctrine of the strong programme as the ‘equivalence postulate’: ‘Our equivalence postulate is that all beliefs are on a par with one another with respect to the causes of their credibility. Scientific Communication and Cognitive Codification: Social Systems Theory and the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge European Journal of Social Theory (forthcoming) Loet Leydesdorff.

Bloor on Latour on Bloor - controversy about strong programme versus actor network theory. Paul Boghossian is a professor of philosophy and chairman of the Department of Philosophy at New York University. His research interests are in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and epistemology.

Steven Weinberg

He has written on a variety of topics, including color, rule-following, eliminativism, naturalism, self-knowledge, a priori knowledge, analytic truth, realism, and the aesthetics of music.

Rationality, sociology and the symmetry thesis. (). Re-thinking the ‘strong programme’ in the sociology of knowledge. The science of science: a physicist reads Barnes, Bloor and Henry.

(). The second enclosure movement and the construction of the public domain.

Barnes and bloor symmetry thesis
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