Intellectual property thesis

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I thought of an interesting idea for a thesis for my Masters program and I think I would eventually be able to sell a product that is built from the algorithms/code that I develop for this thesis.

Who holds intellectual property rights on a thesis? (especially research universities) has policies on intellectual property rights. PDF to. Intellectual Property Rights: A Critical History (Ipolitics) [Christopher May, Susan K.

Sell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With intellectual property widely acknowledged today as a key component of economic development, those accused of stealing knowledge and information are also charged with undermining industrial innovation.

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Jun 19,  · Intellectual Property Law. Intellectual Property. Theses and Dissertations. Writing Advice. Writing. Personal Question. I am trying to write my graduation thesis on intellectual property law.

I have no idea what topics to write about though. What is some advice? What are the hot topics and trends in this academic field? Update Cancel. ad by.

Intellectual property thesis
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