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Jenova Chen

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Jenova Chen

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As part of his college thesis, Jenova Chen produced a game with Nicholas Clark and Austin Wintory. That game was called Flow and has since caught the eye of Sony and become one of the hottest downloads for the new PS3 console. Apr 12,  · The festival will bring together leading software developers and thinkers on the subject, including Jenova Chen, co-founder of thatgamecompany.

Latest journals choose a problem facing child or adolescents in today?s society (You can chose the topic) type a essay online (09/05). Feb 12,  · Jenova Chen: Flower is made with a different mentality.

An emotional connection to the games we play

It's a safe, warm experience. It's a safe, warm experience. It's like a poem or dance that. Jenova Chen is the visionary designer of the award-winning games Cloud, Flow, Flower, and most recently Journey.

After earning a bachelors degree for computer science in his hometown of Shanghai, Chen moved to Los Angeles, where he got a master’s degree in the founding class of University of Southern California’s Interactive Media Division. Flow (stylized as flOw) is an indie video game created by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark.

Originally released as a free Flash game in to accompany Chen's master's thesis, it was reworked into a PlayStation 3 game by his development studio, thatgamecompany.

Jenova chen thesis
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Jenova Chen, President & Creative Director, thatgamecompany