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List of all Master and PhD programs offered at KFUPM. Click on the respective department to know the Courses offered. International applicants can apply only to Ph.D., abrasiverock.com, and M.B.A.

Program with the exception of city & Regional Planning and Medical Physics. Education PhD in Business Administration ().Virginia Poly., Institute United States, M.B.A: Master of Business Administration (Non thesis program) KFUPM, Sciences Dept., KFUPM.

{ - } Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, University of Bahrain. { - } Teaching Assistant, SMU, Dallas, Texas. Professional Activities Superviesed several and was a memeber of the thesis committee of several graduate students. A Thesis Presented to the.

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MASTER OF SCIENCE. In. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. KING FAHD UNIVERSITY. OF. PETROLEUM & MINERALS DHAHRAN-SAUDI ARABIA. M. Sc. In Mathematics, Abstract Algebra King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Thesis Title:" Some Properties of Bicyclic Extensions".

This programme included a B.A. Thesis, and full semester travel/study trips to Western Europe and East/South-East Asia. Upon completion of this programme I .

Kfupm thesis
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