Master thesis european law degrees

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Master of Laws (LL.M.); Law (Thesis); European Studies (46 credits)

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Integrated master's degrees are considered qualification at master's level and are second-cycle qualification on the qualifications framework for the European higher education area established under the Bologna Process.

Master's degree in Europe

The credit LL.M. program, thesis option, in European Studies is a research-intensive graduate program focused on developing research interests into a thesis project under the supervision of a faculty member.

Graduate-level courses on theoretical and methodological approaches to legal writing. BI Norwegian Business School is a independent, not-for-profit foundation whose sole focus is education and research.

Any profit will be used to strengthen BI’s research and learning environment in accordance with the objectives of the school. Availability of this program is subject to relevant courses being offered in a given year. The credit LL.M. program, thesis option, in European Studies is a research-intensive graduate program focused on developing research interests into a thesis project under the supervision of a faculty member.

The LLM in International and European Law Thesis on a current international or European legal issue. HOME OF THE PILC: THE IES LLM International & European Law At the end of the academic year the degree of Master (LLM) in International and European Law will be awarded upon the decision of the Academic Board, provided the following.

Erasmus School of Law Erasmus University Rotterdam PO Box DR Rotterdam info[at]

Master thesis european law degrees
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