Thesis preparation

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The Doctor of Psychological Arts degree requires the writing of a range.

Thesis Presentation

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Thesis & Dissertation Preparation

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Preparing and submitting your thesis

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A University Thesis is a formal presentation of an objective, critical investigation. It is to be written in a formal, scholarly manner in standard English. The quality of both the presentation and content of the finished thesis is a major consideration in its acceptance by the University.

Preparation for writing a thesis should include careful and wide reading of professional journals and texts of involved disciplines, including the most recent scholarly work in the academic field.

Graduate School

Students must exhibit capabilities of gathering, organizing, evaluating, and reporting data. durationof thesis preparation. The major professorshould be a specialistin the student’s specific field ofstudy and hold a record ofscholarship to reflectthatspecialization.

University Thesis: Preparation & Electronic Submission

Fees and charges, fee calculators, payments options, invoices, where to get financial assistance, how to apply for a refund or remission of fees. Thesis & Dissertation Preparation and Proposal Guide 3 possible, but at least by the end of the first semester in which the student registers for.

Academics at Widener

Once you’ve have fully complied with the requirements for submission of thesis, the Thesis Examinations Officer will amend your enrolment status to Under Examination, which is the status you hold following submission of the thesis and prior to the University Graduate Studies .

Thesis preparation
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University Thesis: Preparation & Electronic Submission