Uf honors thesis submission form

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Honors: Forms and Resources

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Institutional Repository at the University of Florida IR@UF: Honors Theses

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Honors: Forms and Resources

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Theses and Dissertations

Listed below are some additional general categories into which the method may fall. You extend confidence and experience in research, writing, and conclusion skills. How to find a Particular Position There are several common to get involved in favour:. Submit an electronic copy of the thesis to the Honors Program via their online submission form (see their website for more details).

Please contact the Honors Program with any questions regarding this step in the process. Revised October HONORS GUIDELINES FOR FRENCH MAJORS HONORS: To graduate with a designation of “Honors,” (cum laude) students must have an overall upper-division GPA of HIGH AND HIGHEST HONORS: Graduation with high or highest honors as a French major requires the writing of a senior thesis.

• The Thesis Submission Form should be secured with your thesis as the first page. This form must be completed with a typewriter or computer; it is available for downloading at abrasiverock.com Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

UF Honors Thesis Submission Form - Use this for final submission of your Honors Thesis to the CALS Dean's Office. The form must be TYPED. The form must be TYPED. The university will not accept hand-written copies.

An Equal Opportunity Institution College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Turlington Hall Department of Anthropology PO Box Gainesville, FL The last stop is submission of the form to the CLAS college contact, Linda O’Donnell and the CALS contact, Matthew Brennan – (see above) along with the electronic submission of the final theses to the UF Honors website and also to Dr.

Bryan Korithoski ([email protected]).

Uf honors thesis submission form
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