Unit trust performance thesis

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A Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Unit Trust Funds' Performance in Malaysia

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Jonathan Zuhovitsky is an Academic Banker. This is the validity or persons who creates the evidence. Unit trust performance figures are a key feature of our online information portal. At Investonline, we believe that providing our clients with concise and accurate data is the very basic element of our service and is to be expected across all of our dealings.

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A Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Unit Trust Funds' Performance in Malaysia Azrul Haffiz, Mohamed () A Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Unit Trust Funds' Performance in Malaysia.

Masters thesis, Universiti Utara Malaysia. 1 THE COMPARISON OF PERFORMANCE OF ISLAMIC AND CONVENTIONAL UNIT TRUST FUNDS IN MALAYSIA INRODUCTION A unit trust is an investment scheme that pools money from many investors who share similar financial objectives, investment strategy and risk tolerance (Choong, ).

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FACTORS INFLUENCING UNIT TRUST PERFORMANCE Tng Cheong Sing abrasiverock.com (Hons) Lond, MFM CQU A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of requirements for the Degree of.

for the following Unit Trust ("the Scheme"): Thesis Optima Fund The Manager of the Scheme is Thesis Unit Trust Management Limited, a private company which tend to be largely dependant on the performance of equities and/or bonds. The.

Unit trust performance thesis
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